About Us

Welcome to the story of DupeDrop

Hi, Impact
We're a small team based in NYC looking to disrupt the world of online shopping. We believe dupes will become the
de facto standard for shopping behavior in the future. Gen Z want the look and style of top quality brands without the price tag. Our goal it to be the one-stop-shop for everything dupes through our search engine and chrome extension.

From Idea to DupeDrop

We were fascinated by the dupe industry and started realizing every time we were shopping online, we kept wondering if there was a a more affordable dupe. After reviewing the dupe industry in more detail, we came to the conclusion that information about dupes is fragmented and scattered across the web. There was no true place to find out about great dupes. It's at that point we realized there was a major opportunity to be the one stop shop for everything dupes. That's where DupeDrop was born, and our goal is to offer different dupe products to help our users save money. To that extent, we now offer our free chrome extension to get great dupe suggestions, dupedrop.com to discover great dupes, and dupedrop search to find the best dupe.

So What's Next?

We've got some exciting new products and features we plan on launching soon. We're currently scaling DupeDrop by finding more dupes to add to our site, and doing user interviews to learn how we can better solve our customers problems. All while adding a bunch of new features at the same time. We're a small, but ambitious team, and believe we can be the new place for everything dupes. If you've read all the way to to this point, you must be pretty curious about us. Maybe there's way we can work together? Maybe you want to invest? Maybe we could partner up? Maybe you want to work for DupeDrop? Or maybe you're just a fellow users who wants to share with us your two cents. In that case, don't be a stranger, please reach out! You never know!